About Air Race F1

Air Race F1 is pure motorsport at its fastest. It is a thrilling test of pilot skill which is based upon the long-running historic Formula 1 aircraft class. All airplanes race against each other at speeds of over 450kph together on a circuit just 2km end to end. The first aircraft to cross the finish line wins. A few key facts:

  • 8 aircraft racing together simultaneously
  • Each race is 10 laps of 5 kilometers each lap
  • Takes place on a circuit all easily visible in front of crowds
  • Two days of racing (plus several practice days in advance)
  • This is not only “Formula One” in name – it is Formula One in the air!


The sleek Formula 1 airplanes in Air Race F1 carry only the pilot. The Formula 1 airplanes, often based on the classic Cassutt, are a defined class which sets strict parameters regarding wing area, engine size and other characteristics of the design. This means that all pilots are competing on even terms and pilot skill will win the day.

Formula 1 teams have many support crew and engineers on the ground. These races are truly competitive, yet festive and friendly for all! There are strict safety standards and eligibility minima for the pilots and aircraft.

The pilots – men and women, old and young – come from many different countries and all have a level of skill and experience that ensures a safe and dependable event; and all the pilots compete directly against each other regardless of their gender or age.


The sport of Air Racing has over 100 years of rich heritage and has captured the public imagination and inspired many millions of people. Air Racing began in Reims France in 1909 and soon became a global phenomenon, reaching its Golden Age in the 1920s and 1930s. Throughout the last century Air Racing was regularly used as a platform to develop technology and improve engineering as well as for recreation and enjoyment of the public.

Racing took many forms from exciting pylon racing (like the Reno Races and Aero GP) to single-plane time trials (like the Red Bull Air Race) to the great long distance air races (like the Thompson Trophy, the Powder Puff Derby, the Schneider Trophy and many others).

All of these races challenged the world’s most accomplished aviators and created heroes of the skies. The Air Race F1 taps into this historical past while looking into the future and launching a new era for this magnificent sport, bringing it into the mainstream of the sporting world for all to enjoy.